Monday, 14 May 2007

semantic web

Whilst checking out the TDWG blog, came across a reference to the 'semantic web', and a link to the w3c specifications. Again, a concept that fits into the web 2.0, DOI, GUIDs discussions.

The Semantic Web is about two things. It is about common formats for integration and combination of data drawn from diverse sources, where on the original Web mainly concentrated on the interchange of documents. It is also about language for recording how the data relates to real world objects. That allows a person, or a machine, to start off in one database, and then move through an unending set of databases which are connected not by wires but by being about the same thing.

The reference was in a good explanation of LSIDs etc, called A Case for LSIDs and RDF in Biodiversity Informatics


LyndaK said...

For some information about the semantic web and museums have a look at Mike Lowndes' Powerpoint.

mel said...

So is TAPIR a 'semantic web agent'? (Mike Lowndes)