Tuesday, 15 May 2007

more on TAPIR, LSID and Digital Stories

Discussion is continuing on the TDWG blog in order to develop a digital story format for explaining the TAPIR and LSID concepts. Lynda, Paul and I also had a bit of a dicussion about blogs, blog formats, and how confusing their structure can be. Although a web 2.0 concept, Paul pointed out how linear they still are. We need to do more research into how to structure a blog - has anyone any overall suggestions or specific suggestions? Being new to the process, it is hard to work out what are the limitations of the particular blogging platform and what are my own limitations from lack of experience and knowledge. I am struggling at the moment with customizing feeds - comment feeds or post feeds, individual post feeds, what to link to, how to structure an ongoing dialogue so that one can easily follow a particular theme...any suggestions?

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