Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Winding up

Last week of internship - a very full couple of months, with a lot of hands on experience. Blogging, wikis, storyboarding, dvd production, a very useful experience.
I have been immersed in a part of the online world that is expanding and experimenting with the new technologies and web 2.0 processes in a way that it is encouraging to see. The move into the online world for museums is a very active process.


LyndaK said...

Mel, it was a pleasure and delight to have you as an intern. I learned heaps from you and your contribution to our thinking about the tools of Web 2.0 was invaluable.

Good luck and please keep in touch!

mel said...

Thanks Lynda I really enjoyed my time at the museum, and found it extremely constructive. As an internship, it exceeded my expectations. I look forward to staying in touch, and posting any interesting tidbits about museums in China!