Monday, 18 June 2007

tips for blog extras

A few 'how to' tips for blogger blogs.
Add ing an image to your header. Go to customise blog, then click edit for the header. In the popup window you can select to add a picture, either from you computer or the internet.
Adding a tag cloud. I used zoomclouds, where you just have to enter your rss feed source, which you can get by going to your blog feed, and then copying and posting the address from the browser. Once you have this and enter it into zoomcloud, it generates your javascript, which you then copy and paster back into a blogger widget (add html/javascript functionality in the customize design option of you blog). In zoomcoulds there are many editable layout and designs to choose from.
Adding images to your layout - again, go to customize layout, and choose the add picture option.


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