Sunday, 6 May 2007

blogs, wikis, journals....

Hi all
thanks for such quick comments, all of which have interesting/useful info.

Angelina it sound like we are doing very similar work here - i would like to see your course blog and follow its development. I will also have another look at Museum 2.0.

Renae i have also been thinking about sustainability in the blog context - i guess it depends upon the duration of the project concerned, and then whether there is enough momentum generated to keep the blog going. The other issue is also important - what is appropriate content for an online journal is not necessarily the same as a private journal. I am interested in seeing what you considered appropriate content, and will have a look at your blog.

Regarding blogging and ease of use, i think it is an advantage to have some knowledge of html, though judging by the number of blogs in existence, it is not a big problem!
I have come across a Blogging for dummies site which has already been useful to me in image uploading.
I also had a look at your wiki Chris and found it very interesting, especially after setting up one myself as an experiment. It does seem a very useful tool for education, and i like the openness of authorship it offers.
I am really impressed with the whole process - the immediate nature of the exchange of ideas is great.


LyndaK said...

I meant to post the link to a blogging discussion we had some time ago. There's some useful ideas there.

LyndaK said...

Oh, also the New Media Initiatives wiki at the Walker Art Centre is pretty cool.

LyndaK said...

Regarding wikis: I tried to post a file on our wiki this morning, with not much success (I now can't even find the page, let alone the file! But that could also be my home computer playing up). Can we talk about this sometime?

LyndaK said...

Success! Have been able to post articles on the wiki, and to make it easier to find and comment have set it up as a page called Audience Research Articles.

Mel, also came across Omni which was named as one of the Top 60 web applications in Australia by Ross Dawson at this post. May be worth checking out in lieu of a wiki??