Sunday, 27 May 2007

Archiving this blog site

Have you thought of a way to archive this web site? It may be as simple as copying the entire content page into a Word document or similar. It would be nice for you to have a record if and when the site is no longer maintained. You have obviously put considerable work into your entries and the broad range of coverage.


mel said...

Not yet, although people keep saying that the issue is how to get rid of things on the web rather than how to keep them...however I will look into this for the future.

LyndaK said...

Kirsty, as Mel's Museum supervisor I hadn't really given archiving the site much thought. For Museum record purposes we need to keep a printed record, so I think I'll get Mel to print off the pages and I'll file them that way. I'll also check with our records people, as it is an issue we'll have to deal with in future. Are there university guidelines on this at all Kirsty?

On an earlier post, one of our staff members, Renae, talked about her blog which she had archived using an online service. I guess the problem is that we have all made links to this blog so those would all have to be updated.

There's also the case that Mel and I will still like to keep in touch I think and maybe this blog (or a newer version of it) is the way to go??

Kirsty, Mel is giving a staff presentation about her project in July - it would be terrific if you could come along.

LyndaK said...

Also just thought what to do about the wiki? My view is to keep it going (for what it's worth!) and you may still want to contribute to it Mel even when you're not here?