Tuesday, 24 April 2007

more web 2.0 concepts

Museums are looking at establishing connections with the online community networks such as Flickr, an online photo sharing community, and del.ici.ous an online social networking site. This is an interesting phenomenon, given the very small percentage of visitors who actively contribute to the web. Seb Chan discusses this in his posting from Museums and the Web 2007 here. Something like a 0.16 percent of users of YouTube are uploaders, and 2 tenths of 1 percent to Flickr. The vast majority of site users are still viewers rather than participants.
So, how much time and energy should museums - or anyone else - devote to seducing these tiny numbers of active participants, as opposed to catering for the needs of the vast majority of happy perusers who do not want to do more than look?


Nate said...

I think by integrating the Flickr content back into the original museum site (a la Brooklyn Museum's "Community" section) we'll be able to satisfy the "happy perusers" who can still do their thing -- while also connecting with an existing community on flickr.

Justin just wrote about this very thing on our blogs, check it out for some more info.

Nice blog, by the way, just found you!

LyndaK said...

The The Machine is Us/ing Us from Michael Wersch at Kansas State University is really great. I had some trouble viewing it at work but see how you go.

Their YouTube project also looks interesting.

mel said...

Thanks nate, i had a look at the blog and it is good to see photos taken around the actual museum - i couldn't quite see the relation of the party people pics to the museum, i guess it is relevant if you are familiar with the place, but it is more interesting to me to see the museum itself