Tuesday, 24 April 2007

essential concepts

Web 2.0 - what is it? All the museum sites and articles talk about it. I found a great summary by O'Rielly. Basically it is about user services rather than the hardware; the platform rather than the software. Data is important, adding value to information.
The user becomes a co-developer, and a resource.
Such things as blogs, wikis, interactivity, are ways users can participate in the online world. Software that develops the more it is used, continual improvement rather than scheduled releases.


LyndaK said...

Mel, here's a newspaper article about the music social networking site last.fm that Renae told us about.

Reminds me of the two other favourite networking sites of mine Extra Tasty! and dresskevin.com with my favourite tagline: I didn't know what to wear so I made a website - frankly I'm amazed Kevin's still going!

LyndaK said...

Have just come across the Museums Remixed blog - worth checking out, as is the posting about AAM2007 and Web2.0 sessions by Jessica Harden at the Museum 2.0 blog.